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Our 100 % Recycled yarn is a symbol of breakthrough innovation, undying passion and 100% dedication in producing one of the most sustainable and revolutionary product. In August’ 2012 Polygenta started with the full fledged production of 100% chemically recycled polyester yarn with a production capacity of 10000 tonnes per annum.

Around the world approximately 250 billion PET bottles are discarded every year which end up in landfills, further contributing to the degradation of nature. It is a fact that on an average PET bottles take up to 700 years to decompose. It is just not a tout fact but it is evident that usage of this PET bottles will only see upswing and hence, recycling of PET bottles has attracted huge demand.

Polygenta has commercialised a unique patented industrial process to depolymerise post-consumer PET back into its original feedstock building block, allowing for the (re)manufacture of PET sustainably. The building block produced by the Group from post-consumer PET bottles is indistinguishable from the virgin building block feedstock, except for its cost, which is cheaper. The Group’s first plant is in Nashik, India, and is a fully integrated site which manufactures sustainable polyester filament yarns.

Our 100% recycled yarn is available in the range of 50 – 300 denier for a range of applications. Polygenta also offers recycled POY and PET chips to its global customers. We aim to become the world’s leading player in the business of recycling PET bottles and other waste PET material.

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