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  The ReNew Unit: a patented technology

Polygenta's proprietary, commercially proven and patented technology ReNEW™ that produces polyester filament yarn from  post consumer waste PET bottles, is executed at 10000 tonnes per annum recycling facility in Nashik, India. The ReNEW process is a trailblazer technology given its ability to recycle dirty clear and coloured PET bottles in a cost effective manner as well as significantly reducing the use of virgin petrochemical feedstock and delivering superior quality products.

However, traditional forms of recycling are either expensive or unreliable. Mechanical recycling is unable to effectively remove colours and other contaminants from PET, thus resulting in lower / inconsistent quality end-products, whilst the very few chemical recycling (which decomposes PET into its individual "monomers") processes around are highly expensive. Given these challenges, recycled material commands significant premiums on virgin PET.

The ReNEW™ process is able to capitalize from these premiums by recycling cost effectively, whilst yielding greater quality products than traditional recycling processes. The process uses a solvent to dissolve PET flakes into liquid form before applying filtration technologies to yield pure esters (which can then be recombined into high grade polyester products). It is also designed to convert coloured PET material to clear (virgin ester) PET feedstock (unlike traditional methods) which commands a greater premium on the market (thus leading to a significant feedstock arbitrage).

Compared to virgin esters the recycled esters are indistinguishable, other than for their cost which is less than virgin esters made from PTA and MEG.

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