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Our investor and partner

Our globally reputed Private Equity funds have a proven track record of creating exceptional shareholder value in sustainable business.

Aloe Private Equity is a Global investment management company with offices in London, Paris, Beijing, and Mumbai. It has a proven track record in the environment sector and is a pioneer in social and environmental corporate responsibility. It manages a number of environment funds to invest in companies that seek to make a positive contribution to society, both socially and environmentally, while providing high financial returns to the investors.

Aloe Private Equity’s culture and strategy emphasize investments where it can not only make a significant strategic value contribution to the investee but also help promote environmental and social sustainable growth. Aloe has a particular interest in companies with proven products or solutions that wish to expand their businesses in India and China.


Polygenta, a fully integrated plant, located in Nashik, India is the subsidiary of the globally recognised firm PerPetual Global Technologies Ltd.

PerPETual Global Technologies Limited (“PGTL”) is a Mauritius holding company which owns a commercial patented process known as ReNEW™. PGTL through Polygenta, has its first fully integrated plant in India which converts PET bottles into premium, highly consistent yarns. Other investors also include LESS ltd. (Leading Environmental Solutions and Services Limited-Hong Kong) and IFC World Bank (Washington D.C.).


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